mtom infographic_branded version momsIn 2013, MtoM commissioned a Questor study to track the behaviors of moms online. The research team conducted lengthy interviews with 250 moms and our learnings were incredible. Our findings included a dynamic look into the online behavior patterns of moms today and what actually helps drive those behaviors.

These moms are who we target and communicate with on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We know where these moms are online—and how to best reach them. We know when they don’t mind seeing offers and when they’d prefer to be left alone. We know that they’re using their mobile phones to make most of their purchases and that they love checking Facebook at least five times a day. And we know that if we can make their life easier, they’re willing to listen.

Throughout the year we will implement each campaign with customized goals that are based on this research, strategic recommendations, and our experience creating and implementing campaigns for the mom customer.

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